How to Attach a Vise to a Drill Press

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If you have a drill press and need to securely hold your workpiece in place while drilling, attaching a vise to your drill press is the way to go. In this article, we will explore the different methods you can use to attach a vise to your drill press, whether you want a temporary solution or a more permanent fixture.

How to Attach a Vise to a Drill Press

Temporary Attachment with Clamps

One simple and temporary method to attach a vise to your drill press is by using clamps. Many vises come with clamps built into the underside, making it easy to attach them directly to the drill press table. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the jaws of the clamps.
  2. Align the line of the vise’s jaws with the central column of your drill press.
  3. Tighten the clamps until the vise doesn’t shift or move.

Clamp Attachment
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With this method, you can easily remove the vise when you’re finished by loosening the clamps. It offers convenience and flexibility, especially if you frequently change your setup on the drill press.

Permanent Attachment with Bolts

If you prefer a more permanent solution, you can bolt the vise directly onto the drill press table. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Line up the holes in your vise with the hole(s) on your table.
  2. Secure them using washers, bolts, and nuts. If there aren’t enough holes in the table, mark the locations on the table using a permanent marker and drill new holes accordingly.
  3. Bolt the vise in place.

Bolt Attachment
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Bolting the vise offers a secure and fixed attachment, ensuring your vise remains in place during heavy drilling operations. However, keep in mind that adjusting or removing the vise can be more challenging with this method, and you may need a ratchet or wrench to do so.

Do I Need a Drill Press Vise?

While a drill press vise isn’t strictly necessary, it is a valuable tool to have. A vise helps keep your workpiece securely in place while drilling, allowing you to maintain accuracy and control. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider using a drill press vise:

  1. Secure workpiece: A vise ensures that your workpiece remains stable, reducing the risk of slipping or jumping during drilling.
  2. Angle adjustment: With a vise, you can easily adjust the angle of your workpiece while maintaining a straight and steady hole.
  3. Safety: A vise keeps your hands away from the drill, minimizing the possibility of injury.

Drill Press Vise in Use
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Considering the benefits to your safety, the quality of your work, and overall convenience, a drill press vise is a valuable tool for any workshop or garage.


Q: Can I remove the vise from my drill press if I don’t need it?
A: Absolutely! If you don’t require the vise for a particular project or need to accommodate a larger workpiece, you can simply unclamp it from the drill press table and remove it.

Q: Are there different sizes of drill press vises available?
A: Yes, drill press vises come in various sizes to suit different workpieces and drilling needs. It’s essential to choose a vise that aligns with the capacity and dimensions of your drill press.


Attaching a vise to your drill press enhances your drilling capabilities, providing stability, safety, and precision. Whether you opt for a temporary attachment with clamps or a more permanent fixture with bolts, having a drill press vise is a valuable addition to your workshop arsenal. So, why wait? Get the Best Drill Press For Metal and take your drilling to the next level!

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