Wooden Drill Press Vise Clamps & Vises

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Recently, I came across a drill press vise that left me disappointed. It was coated with a thick, hard film and required a significant amount of cleaning and fixing before I could use it. Frustrated with the quality of the product, I decided to make my own drill press vise from scratch. In this article, I will share the process and the final result of my DIY wooden drill press vise.

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Wooden Drill Press Vise Clamps & Vises

Making Your Own Drill Press Vise

To make my homemade drill press vise, I started with a 3″ C clamp that I had lying around. I cut off the threaded part of the clamp and used it as the main screw for the vise. I then cut two blocks of maple, one for the fixed jaw and one for the moving jaw. Using epoxy, I attached the mutilated clamp pad to the moving jaw. For the base, I used 1/2″ thick maple slotted for the moving jaw retainer. I also added a guide block to the moving jaw for stability.

how to make a drill press vise

Once the wooden parts were glued together, I painted the vise with a bright yellow color for better visibility. I also added a clamping system using hook bolts and plywood blocks to secure the vise on the drill press.

yellow paint on a wooden drill press vise

The Benefits of a DIY Drill Press Vise

Making my own drill press vise not only allowed me to customize it to my specific needs but also saved me from the frustration of dealing with a poorly made product. The vise I created performs exceptionally well, and I have used it on countless projects over the past seven years. The wooden parts can swell slightly with humidity changes, but overall, it has been a reliable tool for both wood and metal works.


If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective drill press vise, consider making your own. By following the steps I shared, you can create a high-quality vise that suits your needs and ensures a smooth drilling experience. Remember, taking the time to build something yourself can often yield better results than purchasing a pre-made product.


  • Q: Can I use any type of wood for the drill press vise?

    • A: While I used maple for its strength and durability, you can experiment with other hardwoods like oak or ash. Just make sure the wood you choose is sturdy enough to handle the pressure.
  • Q: How long does it take to build a wooden drill press vise?

    • A: Building a drill press vise from scratch can take a couple of days, depending on your woodworking skills and the time you dedicate to the project.
  • Q: Is it necessary to paint the vise?

    • A: Painting the vise is not necessary, but it can improve visibility and protect the wood from moisture and wear.

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