Navigating the Different Types of Drill Fitter Jobs: A Guide

Are you curious about the world of drill fitter jobs in Australia? You may have seen advertisements and wondered about the differences between HD fitters and drill fitters. Well, it’s not just about nuts and bolts, grease and oil. It’s like comparing cat people and dog people; both love animals, but they identify with one type over another. In this case, drill fitters are like pet hyena people. While HD fitters and plant mechanics enjoy pulling machines apart and putting them back together, drill fitters have a special affinity for the machines that others might overlook.

Drill Rig

But what makes mining drill rigs the hyenas of the earthmoving equipment world, with a look that only a mother could love? Is it their appearance, as if they were designed and built by a farmer using whatever engine, compressor, frame, and track they had lying around? Or is it the maze of hoses, ranging from 10cm to 2000cm, that crisscrosses the entire machine? Perhaps it’s the blend of grease, oil, and dirt that covers the ropes or chains running along the mast, making everything filthy. And let’s not forget the mess of sensors, wires, switches, and levels that seem to belong in a spotless environment, but must endure some of the harshest conditions on earth. Yet drill fitters see this as a beast they can specialize in and care for.

Drill fitters typically start their careers working on a wide range of mining equipment. However, at some point, they find themselves working on a drill rig during a breakdown or a shutdown. This is where the love-hate relationship with drill rigs begins. The more time they spend on a drill rig, the more they become covered in grease, dirt, and oil, leading them to make up their minds and fall into one of three categories:

HD Fitter / Plant Mechanic / Pit Fitter

For these individuals, working on drills is acceptable as long as it’s a minor breakdown or a short shutdown, and they can move on to another job soon. To them, drills are just another machine that needs fixing. They consider drill fitter jobs and HD fitter jobs to be the same.

HD Fitter / Truck Mechanic / Digger Fitter / Plant Mechanic

This is the group that dreads working on a drill. They feel that if they ever get assigned to another 275 Pit Viper or an SKSS-15 drill rig, they’ll walk straight into the office and demand to be put on the next plane back to Perth. They would prefer a HD fitter job as far away from a drill rig as possible.

Drill Fitter

Something clicks in the minds of these individuals, and suddenly drills don’t seem so bad. In fact, they consider drills to be the best equipment to work on. Drill fitters are left alone by supervisors because they don’t complain about getting dirty while changing ropes or chains. The operators are pleasant to talk to, and the drill and blast guys even let them watch the blast from the shot firers position. Suddenly, a HOBO becomes something completely different, and they understand how important that staple in the receiver gasket is. Drills become their passion, and the only job they will ever apply for is a drill fitter job in Australia.

If you identify as a drill fitter or fall into one of the other categories, Premium has a drill fitter job for you. Whether you love or hate working on drills, there is a role to suit your preferences.


Q: Are drill fitter jobs only available in Australia?
A: While this article focuses on drill fitter jobs in Australia, similar positions can be found in other countries as well.

Q: What qualifications do I need to become a drill fitter?
A: Typically, drill fitters have completed their trade on a wide range of mining equipment and gained experience working on drill rigs either during breakdowns or shutdowns.

Q: What skills are important for a drill fitter?
A: Drill fitters should have a strong mechanical aptitude, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work in harsh conditions. They should also be familiar with the equipment used in mining operations.


Drill fitter jobs require a special kind of passion and expertise. While HD fitters and plant mechanics may be content working on various machines, drill fitters have a deep appreciation for drill rigs. The challenges they face and the satisfaction they derive from caring for these machines make drill fitter jobs unique and fulfilling. If you’re a drill fitter or aspiring to become one, Premium has the perfect opportunity for you. Embrace your love for drills and embark on a rewarding career in Australia. Contact the Premium team today.

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